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unlockphone.com was founded in 2004 in Spain, to offer multiple telecommunication services including repairs, resets, software upgrades and, above all, device unlocking.

thanks to our many customers over the years we have gradually gained experience and have come to specialize in device unlocking by IMEI code. We have a physical store in Northern Spain in Santiago de Compostela, and we also work with several associated stores throughout Spain.

since the company was founded in 2004 we have been under continuous development, and can now boast a strong presence in international markets, predominantly South America, Europe, the USA and Canada. In late 2014 we added Singapore to our list of international locations, with the aim of increasing our scope to even more countries and providers throughout the world.

our philosophy

we pride ourselves at unlockphone.com in offering the most extensive quality telecommunications services to our customers. We use Internet as our main arena so customers can unlock their own devices without having to leave their house, providing the best quality and delivery in the market.

We give solutions to questions such as…

How can I unlock a locked phone that I have bought from my operator?

I can’t remember my security code; is it possible to reset my phone?

Are there any technical records available with more information about the different phones?

What should I consider when buying a second hand phone?

How can I find out if a second hand phone is blacklisted or not?

How can I find out who my service provider is?

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