How is a phone unlocked?

Any make or model of mobile can be unlocked with the IMEI method. Just by introducing a code, we can unlock phones easily, quickly and securely, regardless of the operator.


- How is a phone unlocked by IMEI?

- This is the easiest and 100% secure method for unlocking a phone, through the introduction of a simple code to unlock the device. You only need to find out the IMEI number of the device, which is usually indicated behind the battery, or can be obtained by dialling *#06# on the phone itself.

- How does work?

- Just go to the page for your handset and fill in the form that appears there. For example: if your phone is a Nokia model, go to the Unlock Nokia page and fill in the form. The unlock codes will be generated by the system and sent to you in an email.

- Does this affect the warranty?

- Because the device is not modified physically in any way or the software tampered with, the warranty will never be affected.

- Can a found phone be unlocked?

- When a phone is reported lost or stolen or there is an unpaid bill, its IMEI is cancelled. This means that the device will be useless as it will not allow calls to be made or received. Even if you unlock it, it will have no network coverage on any network. Besides, it is absolutely ILLEGAL to manipulate the phone’s IMEI code to try to get it to work.

- Can a phone with a fixed-term contract be unlocked?

- Yes; unlocking a device is not related in any way to the contract. When you take out a contract with a phone company you must fulfil it, but the phone you use to do so is irrelevant. You will never be penalized by the company for unlocking your phone.

- Are the issued codes always correct?

- As each database houses hundreds of thousands of codes, there is always a very minor possibility of an erroneous code being issued, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

- Is there a risk of the phone suffering any damage during the unlock?

- None whatsoever. Every phone is designed to accept these codes. On the occasion that the necessary unlock method is by cable, the equipment we use is top of the range so you can be sure that your device will not suffer any damage.

WARNING: If the device is tampered with by the customer and an erroneous code introduced until the available unlock attempts run out, it will be impossible to unlock it by code. In this case, the only solution is the cable method.

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